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Serving Beyond the Battlefield: A Veteran’s Journey and Artistic Legacy – Walter Allen Roger Jr.

Walter Allen Roger Jr. is a distinguished Airforce Veteran, educator, and multi-disciplinary artist whose life’s work revolves around the themes of love, commitment, and sacrifice. Born in 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio, Roger’s journey has encompassed a remarkable range of creative and impactful endeavors.

Deeply passionate about education, Roger believes that nurturing young minds is pivotal to a brighter future. He advocates for providing comprehensive education from pre-K to 12th grade, recognizing the potential it holds in shaping a child’s world.

His reverence for veterans, seniors, and families is evident in his commitment to respecting and enhancing the care of those who have dedicated their lives to securing our freedom. He reminds us that these individuals are the cornerstone of our safety and the reason we can enjoy our liberties.

Roger’s engagement in cultural arts is emblematic of his belief in the freedom of expression. He envisions a world where opportunities for artistic practice are abundant and accessible, promoting creativity and diverse cultural narratives.

Festival of Butterfies and Flowers –

Amidst these passions, Roger is a prolific visual artist. His notable works include the iconic painting “Harlem Butterflies,” featured in the WVIZ/PBS Ideastream special “Karamu 100 Hundred Years in the House.” This painting has become a part of the esteemed Karamu Art Collection, reflecting Roger’s influence on the artistic landscape.

Roger’s artistic journey spans decades, with his works exhibited across prestigious institutions. His commitment to promoting African American artists led to the creation of a list showcasing talents from Cleveland, Harlem, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and beyond. This initiative fosters a vibrant community of actors, musicians, poets, sculptors, and other creatives.

Throughout his career, Roger has collaborated with numerous organizations and institutions. Notably, he presented the original artwork “Many Faces…One Voice” to the United Nations on behalf of Cleveland, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

His deep connection to his hometown of Cleveland is evident in his role as a photojournalist for the CRUSADER ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT & NEWS and the CALL & POST publications. He has also contributed extensively to his community through art workshops, exhibitions, and murals.

Walter Allen Roger Jr.’s creative journey embodies his unwavering dedication to education, veterans, cultural expression, and the arts. His work, spanning visual arts, literature, and advocacy, serves as a testament to his enduring commitment to enriching lives through knowledge, creativity, and empathy.

See Artist Website to see more of his works:

Roger will be making an appearance along with his art on 10/16/2023 at Aces Veterans Museum.

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    Oh by way…tried to text, email, FB Dr. Dow, BLK. Writer’s museum curator about the poetry and jazz fest, Vernon p. This Aug., Last time in Aug., ’21, but unavailable; email sent me… failure?? U know date and times about it, if come back again?? Let me know. Thanks again.

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