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Virtual Exhibits

Exclusive Virtual Tour – Trailer

Virtual Tour and More, of the ACES Veterans Museum

The ACES Veterans Museum is committed to educating the public about the history and accomplishments of minority veterans. This virtual tour offers an informative look at some of the museum’s most important contributors. Featuring an exclusive interview with a minority veteran from WWII, this tour provides a unique perspective on the role of minorities in America’s armed forces. Additionally, the tour offers a sneak peak at one of the museum’s most fascinating exhibits, Parker Hall. This historical USO was once used as a meeting place for servicemen and women from all over the world. All proceeds from this tour will go towards operational cost for ACES Veterans Museum.


Bricks of Honor

The Aces Veterans Museum is home to a special brick memorial dedicated to minority veterans. The wall of honor is made up of bricks, each engraved with the names of African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, and Native American veterans. As visitors walk along the path in front of the wall, they can view these bricks and reflect on the service and sacrifice that these veterans have made for their country. It is an inspiring reminder of the diversity of those who have served in our military.

The wall also serves as a tribute to all minority veterans who have gone unrecognized for their bravery. Many were denied recognition during their lifetimes due to racism and discrimination. The wall provides a permanent remembrance for them and honors them for the sacrifices they’ve made for our country.

For generations to come, the Aces Veterans Museum will continue to serve as a reminder of the importance of recognizing all veterans in our society — regardless of gender, race or religion. In addition, it serves as an important symbol for future generations that we are dedicated to ensuring that every veteran is given due-recognition for their service and commitment to our nation.

Historical Photography

The Aces Veterans Museum features a collection of historical photographs that document the experiences of minorities during World War II. These photos provide a stark and powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by soldiers from all backgrounds and walks of life in the defense of their country.

The photographs highlight the Minorities experience during this time period, showing brave soldiers fighting for freedom on two fronts – overseas and at home. In addition to documenting their service in the armed forces, these photographs also capture everyday moments in American life – like celebrating holidays with family, or simply dancing with friends. It is through these small glimpses into everyday life that we gain a better understanding of what it was like for minorities to live through such tumultuous times.

This collection of historical photography serves as an important reminder that all people are equal and have an equal right to fight for freedom and justice. It honors those who sacrificed so much during World War II, many of whom have been forgotten or overlooked in history books. By preserving these memories and stories, we can ensure that these brave men and women will not be forgotten again.